Mathilde Blind

Here you will find the Poem Analkh of poet Mathilde Blind


Like a great rock which looming o'er the deep 
Casts his eternal shadow on the strands, 
And veiled in cloud inexorably stands, 
While vaulting round his adamantine steep 
Embattled breakers clamorously leap, 
Sun-garlanded and hope-uplifted bands, 
But soon with waters shattered in the sands 
Slowly recoiling back to ocean creep: 

So sternly dost thou tower above us, Fate! 
For still our eager hearts exultant beat, 
Borne in the hurrying tide of life elate, 
And dashing break against thy marble feet. 
But would Hope's rainbow-aureole round us fleet, 
Without these hurtling shocks of man's estate?