Michael Drayton

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XXVII: Is Not Love Here of poet Michael Drayton

Sonnet XXVII: Is Not Love Here

Is not Love here as 'tis in other climes, 
And differeth it, as do the several nations? 
Or hath it lost the virtue with the times, 
Or in this island altereth with the fashions? 
Or have our passions lesser power than theirs, 
Who had less art them lively to express? 
Is Nature grown less powerful in their heirs, 
Or in our fathers did she more transgress? 
I am sure my sighs come from a heart as true 
As any man's that memory can boast, 
And my respects and services to you 
Equal with his that loves his mistress most. 
Or nature must be partial to my cause, 
Or only you do violate her laws.