Muriel Stuart

Here you will find the Poem Tintagel of poet Muriel Stuart


DEAD man! will you ride with me, 
 As you rode that night of yore, 
Will you ride with me, once more 
 To Tintagel by the sea?

When those savage words were said-- 
 Words that challenged destiny-- 
To Tintagel by the sea, 
 Through the sweating night we fled!

Hearts, that raged with storm and sea, 
 Thundered through the scream of rain; 
Laugh and ride with me again, 
 Take my kisses thirstily!

Clutch the cloak that flies apart, 
 Grip the stallion with your knee: 
Let my wild, black tresses be 
 Once more pinioned on your heart.

Dream is dead, and dead are we: 
 But the dead rise up again! 
Once more through the night and rain, 
 Dead man! will you ride with me?