Philip Joseph Holdsworth

Here you will find the Poem Quis Separabit? of poet Philip Joseph Holdsworth

Quis Separabit?

All my life's short years had been stern and sterile -- 
   I stood like one whom the blasts blow back -- 
As with shipmen whirled through the straits of Peril, 
   So fierce foes menaced my every track. 

But I steeled my soul to a strong endeavour, 
   I bared my brow as the sharp strokes fell, 
And I said to my heart -- "Hope on! Hope ever: 
   Have Courage -- Courage, and all is well." 

Then, bright as the blood in my heart's rich chalice, 
   O Blossom, Blossom! -- you came from far; 
And life rang joy, till the World's loud malice 
   Shrilled to the edge of our utmost star. 

And I said: "On me let the rough storms hurtle, 
   The great clouds gather and shroud my sun -- 
But you shall be Queen where the rose and myrtle 
   Laugh with the year till the year is done." 

So my Dream fell dead; and the fluctuant passion -- 
   The stress and strain of the past re-grew, 
The world laughed on in its heedless fashion, 
   But Earth whirled worthless, because of you! 

In that Lake of Tears which my grief discovered, 
   I laid dead Love with a passionate kiss, 
And over those soundless depths has hovered 
   The sweet, sad wraith of my vanished bliss. 

Heart clings to Heart -- let the strange years sever 
   The fates of two who had met -- to part; 
Love's strength survives, and the harsh world never 
   Shall crush the passion of heart for heart; 

For I know my life, though it droop and dwindle, 
   Shall leave me Love till I fade and die, 
And when hereafter our Souls re-kindle, 
   Who shall be fonder -- You or I?