Pierre Ronsard

Here you will find the Poem To The Moon of poet Pierre Ronsard

To The Moon

Hide this one night thy crescent, kindly Moon; 
So shall Endymion faithful prove, and rest 
Loving and unawakened on thy breast; 
So shall no foul enchanter importune 
Thy quiet course; for now the night is boon, 
And through the friendly night unseen I fare, 
Who dread the face of foemen unaware, 
And watch of hostile spies in the bright noon. 
Thou knowest, Moon, the bitter power of Love; 
?Tis told how shepherd Pan found ways to move, 
For little price, thy heart; and of your grace, 
Sweet stars, be kind to this not alien fire, 
Because on earth ye did not scorn desire, 
Bethink ye, now ye hold your heavenly place.