Ralph Hodgson

Here you will find the Poem Ghoul Care of poet Ralph Hodgson

Ghoul Care

Sour fiend, go home and tell the Pit 
For once you met your master, - 
A man who carried in his soul 
Three charms against disaster, 
The Devil and disaster. 
Away, away, and tell the tale 
And start your whelps a-whining, 
Say 'In the greenwood of his soul 
A lizard's eye was shining, 
A little eye kept shining.' 
Away, away, and salve your sores, 
And set your hags a-groaning, 
Say 'In the greenwood of his soul 
A drowsy bee was droning, 
A dreamy bee was droning.' 
Prodigious Bat! Go start the walls 
Of Hell with horror ringing. 
Say 'In the greenwood of his soul 
There was a goldfinch singing, 
A pretty goldfinch singing.' 
And then come back, come, if you please, 
A fiercer ghoul and ghaster, 
With all the glooms and smuts of Hell 
Behind you, I'm you master! 
You know I'm still your master.