Ralph Hodgson

Here you will find the Poem The Journeyman of poet Ralph Hodgson

The Journeyman

Not baser than his own homekeeping kind 
Whose journeyman he is - 
Blind sons and breastless daughters of the blind 
Whose darkness pardons his, - 
About the world, while all the world approves, 
The pimp of Fashion steals, 
With all the angels mourning their dead loves 
Behind his bloody heels. 
It my be late when Nature cries Enough! 
As one day cry she will, 
And man may have the wit to put her off 
With shifts a season still; 
But man may find the pinch importunate 
And fall to blaming men - 
Blind sires and breastless mothers of his fate, 
It may be late and may be very late, 
Too late for blaming then.