Richard Lovelace

Here you will find the Poem Gratiana Dancing and Singing of poet Richard Lovelace

Gratiana Dancing and Singing


See! with what constant motion 
Even and glorious, as the sunne, 
Gratiana steeres that noble frame, 
Soft as her breast, sweet as her voyce, 
That gave each winding law and poyze, 
And swifter then the wings of Fame.


She beat the happy pavement 
By such a starre-made firmament, 
Which now no more the roofe envies; 
But swells up high with Atlas ev'n, 
Bearing the brighter, nobler Heav'n, 
And in her, all the Dieties.


Each step trod out a lovers thought 
And the ambitious hopes he brought, 
Chain'd to her brave feet with such arts, 
Such sweet command and gentle awe, 
As when she ceas'd, we sighing saw 
The floore lay pav'd with broken hearts.


So did she move: so did she sing: 
Like the harmonious spheres that bring 
Unto their rounds their musick's ayd; 
Which she performed such a way, 
As all th' inamour'd world will say: 
The Graces daunced, and Apollo play'd.