Robert Fuller Murray

Here you will find the Poem An Interview of poet Robert Fuller Murray

An Interview

I met him down upon the pier, 
His eyes were wild and sad, 
And something in them made me fear 
That he was going mad. 

So, being of a prudent sort, 
I stood some distance off, 
And before speaking gave a short 
Conciliatory cough. 

I then observed, 'What makes you look 
So singularly glum?' 
No notice of my words he took. -- 
I said, 'Pray, are you dumb?' 

'Oh no!' he said, 'I do not think 
My power of speech is lost, 
But when one's hopes are black as ink, 
Why, talking is a frost, 

'You see, I'm in for Math. again, 
And certain to be ploughed. 
Please tell me where I could obtain 
An inexpensive shroud.' 

I told him where such things are had, 
Well made, and not too dear; 
And, feeling really very sad, 
I left him on the pier.