Robert Southey

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet 09 of poet Robert Southey

Sonnet 09

Fair is the rising morn when o'er the sky
 The orient sun expands his roseate ray,
And lovely to the Bard's enthusiast eye
 Fades the meek radiance of departing day;
But fairer is the smile of one we love,
 Than all the scenes in Nature's ample sway.
And sweeter than the music of the grove,
 The voice that bids us welcome. Such delight
 EDITH! is mine, escaping to thy sight
From the hard durance of the empty throng.
 Too swiftly then towards the silent night
Ye Hours of happiness! ye speed along,
 Whilst I, from all the World's cold cares apart,
 Pour out the feelings of my burthen'd heart.