Robert Southey

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet 10 of poet Robert Southey

Sonnet 10

How darkly o'er yon far-off mountain frowns
 The gather'd tempest! from that lurid cloud
 The deep-voiced thunders roll, aweful and loud
Tho' distant; while upon the misty downs
Fast falls in shadowy streaks the pelting rain.
 I never saw so terrible a storm!
Perhaps some way-worn traveller in vain
 Wraps his torn raiment round his shivering form
Cold even as Hope within him! I the while
Pause me in sadness tho' the sunbeams smile
 Cheerily round me. Ah that thus my lot
Might be with Peace and Solitude assign'd,
 Where I might from some little quiet cot,
Sigh for the crimes and miseries of mankind!