Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem A Bachelor of poet Robert William Service

A Bachelor

'Why keep a cow when I can buy,'
 Said he, 'the milk I need,'
I wanted to spit in his eye
 Of selfishness and greed;
But did not, for the reason he
 Was stronger than I be.

I told him: ''Tis our human fate,
 For better or for worse,
That man and maid should love and mate,
 And little children nurse.
Of course, if you are less than man
 You can't do what we can.

'So many loving maids would wed,
 And wondrous mothers be.'
'I'll buy the love I want,' he said,
 'No squally brats for me.'
. . . I hope the devil stoketh well
 For him a special hell.