Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem Annuitant of poet Robert William Service


Oh I am neither rich nor poor,
 No worker I dispoil;
Yet I am glad to be secure
 From servitude and toil.
For with my lifelong savings I
 Have bought annuity;
And so unto the day I die
 I'll have my toast and tea.
When on the hob the kettle sings
 I'll make an amber brew,
And crunch my toast and think of things
 I do not have to do.
In dressing-gown and deep arm-chair
 I'll give the fire a poke;
Then worlds away from cark and care
 I'll smoke and smoke and smoke.

For I believe the very best
 Of Being is the last;
And I will crown with silver zest
 My patience in the past.
Since compensation is the law
 Of life it's up to me
To round the century and draw
 My Life Annuity.