Robert William Service

Here you will find the Poem Visibility of poet Robert William Service


Because my eyes were none to bright
 Strong spectacles I bought,
And lo! there sprang into my sight
 A life beyond my thought:
A world of wonder and delight
 My magic lenses brought.
Aye, sudden leaping in my sight
 The far became the near;
Life unbelievably was bright,
 And vividly was clear.
My heart was lifted with delight,
 Then--then I shrank in fear.

For faces I had thought were gay
 I saw were lined with care,
While strange corruption and decay
 Surprised me everywhere:
Dismayed I put my specs away,--
 Such truth I could not bear.

And now I do not want to see
 With clarity of view;
For while there's heaven hell may be
 More tragically true:
Though dim may be Reality,
 Sheer love shines through.