Roderic Quinn

Here you will find the Poem The Song of the Cicadas of poet Roderic Quinn

The Song of the Cicadas

Yesterday there came to me 
from a green and graceful tree 
as I loitered listlessly 
nothing doing, nothing caring, 
light and warmth and fragrance sharing 
with the butterfly and the bee, 
while the sapling-tops a-glisten 
danced and trembled, wild and willing 
such a sudden sylvan shrilling 
that I could not choose but listen 
Green Cicadas, Black Cicadas, 
happy in the gracious weather, 
Floury-baker, Double-Drummer, 
all as one and all together, 
how they voiced the golden summer. 

Stealing back there came to me 
as I loitered listlessly 
'neath the green and graceful tree, 
nothing doing, nothing caring, 
boyhood moments spent in sharing 
with the butterfly and the bee 
youth and freedom, warmth and glamour 
while Cicadas round me shrilling, 
set the sleepy noontide thrilling 
with their keen insistent clamour. 

Green Cicadas, Black cicadas, 
happy in the gracious weather 
Floury-bakers, double-drummers 
all as one and all together--- 
how they voice the bygone summers!