Rudyard Kipling

Here you will find the Poem Helen All Alone of poet Rudyard Kipling

Helen All Alone

There was darkness under Heaven
 For an hour's space--
 Darkness that we knew was given
 Us for special grace.
 Sun and noon and stars were hid,
 God had left His Throne,
 When Helen came to me, she did,
 Helen all alone!

 Side by side (because our fate
 Damned us ere our birth)
 We stole out of Limbo Gate
 Looking for the Earth.
 Hand in pulling hand amid
 Fear no dreams have known,
 Helen ran with me, she did,
 Helen all alone!

 When the Horror passing speech
 Hunted us along,
 Each laid hold on each, and each
 Found the other strong.
 In the teeth of Things forbid
 And Reason overthrown,
 Helen stood by me, she did,
 Helen all alone!

 When, at last, we heard those Fires
 Dull and die away,
 When, at last, our linked desires
 Dragged us up to day;
 When, at last, our souls were rid
 Of what that Night had shown,
 Helen passed from me, she did,
 Helen all alone!

 Let her go and find a mate,
 As I will find a bride,
 Knowing naught of Limbo Gate
 Or Who are penned inside.
 There is knowledge God forbid
 More than one should own.
 So Helen went from me, she did,
 Oh, my soul, be glad she did!
 Helen all alone!