Sa di

Here you will find the Poem Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 05 of poet Sa di

Ch 01 Manner Of Kings Story 05

I saw at the palace-gate of Oglimish the son of a military officer
who was endued with marvellous intellect, sagacity, perception and
shrewdness; also the signs of future greatness manifested themselves
on his forehead whilst yet a small boy.

 From his head intelligence caused
 The star of greatness to shine.

 In short, he pleased the sultan because he had a beautiful
countenance and a perfect understanding; and philosophers have said:
'Power consists in accomplishments, not in wealth and greatness in
intellect, not in years.' His companions, being envious, made an
attempt upon his life and desired to kill him but their endeavours
remained fruitless.

 What can a foe do when the friend is kind?

 The king asked: 'What is the cause of their enmity to thee?' He
replied: 'Under the shadow of the monarchy of my lord I have satisfied
my contemporaries except the envious, who will not be contented but by
the decline of my prosperity, and may the monarchy and good fortune of
my lord be perpetual.'

 I may so act as not to hurt the feelings of anyone
 But what can I do to an envious man dissatisfied with himself?
 Die, O envious man, for this is a malady,
 Deliverance from which can be obtained only by death.
 Unfortunate men sometimes ardently desire
 The decline of prosperous men in wealth and dignity.
 If in daytime, bat-eyed persons do not see
 Is it the fault of the fountain of light, the sun?
 Thou justly wishest that a thousand such eyes
 Should be blind rather than the sun dark.