Sa di

Here you will find the Poem Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 25 of poet Sa di

Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 25

One of the Arab kings ordered his officials to double the allowance of a certain attendant because he was always at the palace expecting orders while the other servants were engaged in amusements and sports, neglecting their duties. A pious man who heard this remarked that high degrees at the court of heaven are similarly bestowed upon servants:

 If a man comes two mornings to serve the shah 
 He will on the third certainly look benevolently on him. 
 Sincere worshippers entertain the hope 
 That they will not be disappointed at the threshold of God. 
 Superiority consists in attending to commands. 
 The neglect of commands leads to exclusion. 
 Who possesses the criterion of righteousness 
 Places the head upon the threshold.