Sa di

Here you will find the Poem Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 02 of poet Sa di

Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 02

I saw a dervish who placed his head upon the threshold of the Ka?bah, groaned, and said: `O forgiving, 0 merciful one, thou knowest what an unrighteous, ignorant man can offer to thee.?

 I have craved pardon for the deficiency of my service 
 Because I can implore no reward for my obedience. 
 Sinners repent of their transgressions. 
 Arifs ask forgiveness for their imperfect worship. 

Devotees desire a reward for their obedience and merchants the price of their wares but I, who am a worshipper, have brought hope and not obedience. I have come to beg and not to trade. Deal with me as thou deemest fit.

 Whether thou killest me or forgivest my crime, 
 my face and head are on thy threshold. 
 A slave has nothing to command; whatever thou commandest I obey. 

I saw a mendicant at the door of the Ka?bah Who said this and wept abundantly:

 `I ask not for the acceptance of my service 
 But for drawing the pen of pardon over my sins.?