Sa di

Here you will find the Poem Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 26 of poet Sa di

Ch 02 The Morals Of Dervishes Story 26

I remember having once walked all night with a caravan and then slept on the edge of the desert. A distracted man who had accompanied us on that journey raised a shout, ran towards the desert and took not a moment?s rest. When it was daylight, I asked him what state of his that was. He replied: "I saw bulbuls commencing to lament on the trees, the partridges on the mountains, the frogs in the water and the beasts in the desert so I bethought myself that it would not be becoming for me to sleep in carelessness while they all were praising God."

 Yesterday at dawn a bird lamented, 
 Depriving me of sense, patience, strength and consciousness. 
 One of my intimate friends who 
 Had perhaps heard my distressed voice 
 Said: "I could not believe that thou 
 Wouldst be so dazed by a bird?s cry." 
 I replied: "It is not becoming to humanity 
 That I should be silent when birds chant praises."