Samuel Daniel

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XVII: Why Should I Sing in Verse of poet Samuel Daniel

Sonnet XVII: Why Should I Sing in Verse

Why should I sing in verse, why should I frame 
These sad neglected notes for her dear sake? 
Why should I offer up onto her name 
The sweetest sacrifice my youth can make? 
Why should I strive to make her live for ever, 
That never deigns to give me joy to live? 
Why should m'afflicted Muse so much endeavor, 
Such honor unto cruelty to give? 
If her defects have purchas'd her this fame, 
What should her virtues do, her smiles, her love? 
If this her worst, how should her best enflame? 
What passions would her milder favors move? 
Favors (I think) would sense quite overcome, 
And that makes happy Lovers ever dumb.