Famous Poems of Samuel Daniel

Here you will find a collection of famous poems of Samuel Daniel. The list is ordered alphabatically. You can also browse other poems on different poem type using the poem types shown on the right side.

Beauty, Time, and LoveDelia VI: Fair is my love, and cruel as she's fairDelia XLV: Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night
Delia XLVI: Let others sing of knights and paladinesDelia XXXIII: When men shall find thy flower, thy glory, paDelia: XXXI (1592 version): Look, Delia, how we 'steem the
Love is a SicknessMusophilus Containing A General Defence Of All Learning (exSonnet I: Unto the Boundless Ocean
Sonnet II: Go, Wailing VerseSonnet III: If So It HapSonnet IV: These Plaintive Verses
Sonnet IX: If This Be LoveSonnet L: Beauty, Sweet LoveSonnet LI: I Must Not Grieve My Love
Sonnet LII: O WhetherSonnet LIII: DrawnSonnet LIV: Care-Charmer Sleep
Sonnet LIX: Unhappy PenSonnet LV: Let Others SingSonnet LVI: As to the Roman
Sonnet LVII: Like As the LuteSonnet LVIII: None Other FameSonnet LX: Lo, Here the Impost
Sonnet V: Whilst Youth and ErrorSonnet VI: Fair Is My LoveSonnet VII: O Had She Not Been Fair
Sonnet VIII: Thou Poor HeartSonnet X: O Then I LoveSonnet XI: Tears, Vows, and Prayers
Sonnet XII: My Spotless LoveSonnet XIII: Behold What HapSonnet XIV: Those Amber Locks
Sonnet XIX: Restore Thy TressesSonnet XL: But LoveSonnet XLI: When Men Shall Find
Sonnet XLII: When Winter SnowsSonnet XLIII: Thou Canst Not DieSonnet XLIV: O Be Not Griev'd
Sonnet XLIX: How LongSonnet XLV: Delia, These EyesSonnet XLVI: Fair and Lovely Maid
Sonnet XLVII: Read In My FaceSonnet XLVIII: My CynthiaSonnet XV: If That a Loyal Heart
Sonnet XVI: Happy In SleepSonnet XVII: Why Should I Sing in VerseSonnet XVIII: Since the First Look
Sonnet XX: What It Is to BreatheSonnet XXI: If Beauty Thus Be CloudedSonnet XXII: Come Time
Sonnet XXIII: Time, Cruel TimeSonnet XXIV: These Sorrowing SighsSonnet XXIX: Whilst By Her Eyes Pursu'd
Sonnet XXV: False Hope ProlongsSonnet XXVI: Look In My GriefsSonnet XXVII: Oft and In Vain
Sonnet XXVIII: Reign In My ThoughtsSonnet XXX: Still In the TraceSonnet XXXI: Oft Do I Muse