Samuel Daniel

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XXVI: Look In My Griefs of poet Samuel Daniel

Sonnet XXVI: Look In My Griefs

Look in my griefs, and blame me not to mourn, 
From care to care that leads a life so bad; 
Th'orphan of fortune, born to be her scorn, 
Whose clouded brow doth make my days so sad. 
Long are their nights whose cares do never sleep, 
Loathsome their days whom no sun ever joy'd; 
Her fairest eyes do penetrate so deep 
That thus I live both day and night annoy'd. 
But since the sweetest root doth yield thus much, 
Her praise from my complaint I may not part; 
I love th'effect for that the cause is such; 
I'll praise her face and blame her flinty heart, 
Whilst that we make the world admire at us, 
Her for disdain, and me for longing thus.