Samuel Daniel

Here you will find the Poem Sonnet XXXII: Like as the Spotless Ermelin of poet Samuel Daniel

Sonnet XXXII: Like as the Spotless Ermelin

To M. P.

Like as the spotless Ermelin distress'd, 
Circumpass'd round with filth and loathsome mud, 
Pines in her grief, imprison'd in her nest, 
And cannot issue forth to seek her good, 
So I environ'd with a hateful want 
Look to the heav'ns, the heav'ns yield forth no grace; 
I search the earth, the earth I find as scant; 
I view my self, my self in woeful case. 
Heav'n nor earth will not, my self cannot work 
A way through want to free my soul from care; 
But I must pine, and in my pining lurk, 
Lest my sad looks bewray me how I fare. 
My fortune mantled with a cloud s'obscure 
Thus shades my life so long as wants endure.