Sant Surdas

Here you will find the Poem Krishna Awakes of poet Sant Surdas

Krishna Awakes

Krishna awake, for the day has dawned: 
large, deep and lotus-like, 
your eyes are as in the love-shaped lake 
a pair of swans even a million Kamadevas cannot vie 
with the bewitching beauty of your face; 
the sun rises in the east, 
a crimson ball the night is going 
and the moonlight pales 
the lamps turn dim 
and the stars fade out 
as though the bright radiance of wisdom's rays 
dispels the pleasures that the senses tire, 
and the light of hope chases away 
the murky darkness of despair and doubt.

Listen, the birds sing 
aloud with glee O sweet child, 
life of my life, 
my sole wealth, 
O darling boy,
bards and minstrels 
sing your praises, 
saying 'victory! victory!'

Clusters of lotuses burst into bloom 
the bumblebees humming with sweet sound 
leave the lotuses; 
as though the devout renouncing worldly ties, 
in your love drowned 
chant your name as they go about.

Hearing his mother's words with love 
drenched the Lord of Mercy arose from his bed; 
the world's woes vanished, 
maya's net was rent. 

Says Suradasa, 
'Seeing his lotus face delusion fled; 
all doubts and dualities were destroyed and I found in Govinda eternal joy.