Sant Surdas

Here you will find the Poem The Lord Is His Devotees' Slave of poet Sant Surdas

The Lord Is His Devotees' Slave

Whatever is a devotee's
caste, clan, family, or name,
Rama's love for him is the same.

Beggar and king
are one to him.

Say, of what caste could be
Brahma or Shiva?

Rama will never abide
in the egotistic man's heart
therefore his slave, Suradasa,
has abandoned pride.

Rama was born in the Raghu clan
Krishna found his home in Gokula.

Words fail to tell of
the Lord's love
universal, all-embracing;
Dhruva was a Kshatriya,
Prahlada a demon and Vidura the son of a maid:
yet the Lord gave them his supreme love,
Krishna washed the devotees' feet
at the Rajasuya.

The Lord is the slave
of his devotees
age after age.
The tongue can't relate
his countless deeds.

Says Suradasa, the Puranas and Vedas
are witness to these.