Sara Teasdale

Here you will find the Poem Primavera Mia of poet Sara Teasdale

Primavera Mia

As kings, seeing their lives about to pass, 
Take off the heavy ermine and the crown, 
So had the trees that autumn-time laid down 
Their golden garments on the dying grass, 
When I, who watched the seasons in the glass 
Of my own thoughts, saw all the autumn's brown 
Leap into life and wear a sunny gown 
Of leafage fresh as happy April has. 
Great spring came singing upward from the south; 
For in my heart, far carried on the wind, 
Your words like winged seeds took root and grew, 
And all the world caught music from your mouth; 
I saw the light as one who had been blind, 
And knew my sun and song and spring were you.