Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Before Day of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Before Day

Come in this hour to set my spirit free 
When earth is no more mine though night goes out, 
And stretching forth these arms I cannot be 
Lord of winged sunrise and dim Arcady: 
When fieldward boys far off with clack and shout
From orchards scare the birds in sudden rout, 
Come, ere my heart grows cold and full of doubt, 
In the still summer dawns that waken me. 

When the first lark goes up to look for day 
And morning glimmers out of dreams, come then
Out of the songless valleys, over grey 
Wide misty lands to bring me on my way: 
For I am lone, a dweller among men 
Hungered for what my heart shall never say.