Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Died of Wounds of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Died of Wounds

His wet white face and miserable eyes 
Brought nurses to him more than groans and sighs: 
But hoarse and low and rapid rose and fell 
His troubled voice: he did the business well. 

The ward grew dark; but he was still complaining 
And calling out for `Dickie?. `Curse the Wood! 
`It?s time to go. O Christ, and what?s the good? 
`We?ll never take it, and it?s always raining.? 

I wondered where he?d been; then heard him shout, 
`They snipe like hell! O Dickie, don?t go out... 
I fell asleep ... Next morning he was dead; 
And some Slight Wound lay smiling on the bed.