Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Miracles of poet Siegfried Sassoon


I dreamt I saw a huge grey boat in silence steaming 
Down a canal; it drew the dizzy landscape after; 
The solemn world was sucked along with it?a streaming 
Land-slide of loveliness. O, but I rocked with laughter, 
Staring, and clinging to my tree-top. For a lake
Of gleaming peace swept on behind. (I mustn?t wake.) 

And then great clouds gathered and burst in spumes of green 
That plunged into the water; and the sun came out 
On glittering islands thronged with orchards scarlet-bloomed; 
And rosy-plumed flamingoes flashed across the scene...
O, but the beauty of their freedom made me shout... 
And when I woke I wondered where on earth I?d been.