Siegfried Sassoon

Here you will find the Poem Wind in the Beechwood of poet Siegfried Sassoon

Wind in the Beechwood

The glorying forest shakes and swings with glancing 
Of boughs that dip and strain; young, slanting sprays 
Beckon and shift like lissom creatures dancing, 
While the blown beechwood streams with drifting rays. 
Rooted in steadfast calm, grey stems are seen
Like weather-beaten masts; the wood, unfurled, 
Seems as a ship with crowding sails of green 
That sweeps across the lonely billowing world. 

O luminous and lovely! Let your flowers, 
Your ageless-squadroned wings, your surge and gleam,
Drown me in quivering brightness: let me fade 
In the warm, rustling music of the hours 
That guard your ancient wisdom, till my dream 
Moves with the chant and whisper of the glade.