Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

Here you will find the Poem Coronation Hymn of poet Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

Coronation Hymn

Tune--Luther's Chorale 
'Ein' feste burg ist unser Gott' 

Of old our City hath renown. 
Of God are her foundations,
Wherein this day a King we crown 
Elate among the nations. 
Acknowledge, then, thou King-- 
And you, ye people, sing-- 
What deeds His arm hath wrought: 
Yea, let their tale be taught 
To endless generations.

So long, so far, Jehovah guides 
His people's path attending,
By pastures green and water-sides 
Toward His hill ascending; 
Whence they beneath the stars 
Shall view their ancient wars, 
Their perils, far removed. 
O might of mercy proved! 
O love past comprehending!

He was that God, for man which spake 
From Sinai forth in thunder;
He was that Love, for man which brake 
The dreadful grave asunder. 
Lord over every lord, 
His consecrating word 
An earthly prince awaits; 
Lift then your heads, ye gates! 
Your King comes riding under.

Be ye lift up, ye deathless doors; 
Let wave your banners o'er Him!
Exult, ye streets; be strewn, ye floors, 
With palm, with bay, before Him! 
With transport fetch Him in, 
Ye ransom'd folk from sin-- 
Your Lord, return'd to bless! 
O kneeling king, confess-- 
O subject men, adore Him!