Sir Walter Raleigh

Here you will find the Poem Sestina Otiosa of poet Sir Walter Raleigh

Sestina Otiosa

Our great work, the Otia Merseiana, 
 Edited by learned Mister Sampson, 
 And supported by Professor Woodward, 
 Is financed by numerous Bogus Meetings
 Hastily convened by Kuno Meyer 
 To impose upon the Man of Business. 

 All in vain! The accomplished Man of Business 
 Disapproves of Otia Merseiana, 
 Turns his back on Doctor Kuno Meyer; 
 Cannot be enticed by Mister Sampson, 
 To be present at the Bogus Meetings, 
 Though attended by Professor Woodward. 

 Little cares the staid Professor Woodward: 
 He, being something of a man of business, 
 Knows that not a hundred Bogus Meetings 
 To discuss the Otia Merseiana 
 Can involve himself and Mister Sampson 
 In the debts of Doctor Kuno Meyer. 

 So the poor deluded Kuno Meyer, 
 Unenlightened by Professor Woodward -- 
 Whom, upon the word of Mister Sampson, 
 He believes to be a man of business 
 Fit to run the Otia Merseiana -- 
 Keeps on calling endless Bogus Meetings. 

 Every week has now its Bogus Meetings, 
 Punctually convened by Kuno Meyer 
 In the name of Otia Merseiana: 
 Every other week Professor Woodward 
 Takes his place, and, as a man of business, 
 Audits the accounts with Mister Sampson. 

 He and impecunious Mister Sampson 
 Are the mainstay of the Bogus Meetings; 
 But the alienated Man of Business 
 Cannot be allured by Kuno Meyer 
 To attend and meet Professor Woodward, 
 Glory of the Otia Merseiana. 

 Kuno Meyer! Great Professor Woodward! 
 Bogus Meetings damn, for men of business, 
 Mister Sampson's Otia Merseiana.