Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Here you will find the Poem Ellen Terry in the Merchant of Venice of poet Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Ellen Terry in the Merchant of Venice

As there she lives and moves upon the scene, 
So lived and moved this radiant womanhood 
In Shakespeare's vision; in such wise she stood 
Smiling upon Bassanio; such her mien 
When pity dimmed her eyelids' golden sheen, 
Hearing Antonio's story, and the blood 
Paled on her cheek, and all her lightsome mood 
Was gone. This shape in Shakespeare's thought has been! 
Thus dreamt he of her in gray London town; 
Such were her eyes; on such gold-colored hair 
The grave young judge's velvet cap was set; 
So stood she lovely in her crimson gown. 
Mine were a happy cast, could I but snare 
Her beauty in a sonnet's fragile net.