Thomas Parnell

Here you will find the Poem A Hymn for Evening of poet Thomas Parnell

A Hymn for Evening

The beam-repelling mists arise, 
And evening spreads obscurer skies; 
The twilight will the night forerun, 
And night itself be soon begun. 
Upon thy knees devoutly bow, 
And pray the Lord of glory now 
To fill thy breast, or deadly sin 
May cause a blinder night within. 
And whether pleasing vapours rise 
Which gently dim the closing eyes, 
Which make the weary members bless'd 
With sweet refreshment in their rest, 
Or whether spirits in the brain 
Dispel their soft embrace again, 
And on my watchful bed I stay, 
Forsook by sleep and waiting day, 
Be God for ever in my view 
And never He forsake me, too; 
But, still as day concludes in night 
To break again with new-born light, 
His wondrous bounty let me find 
With still a more enlighten'd mind 
When grace and love in one agree, 
Grace from God, and love from me, 
Grace that will from heaven inspire, 
Love that seals it with desire, 
Grace and love that mingle beams, 
And fill me with encreasing flames. 
Thou that hast Thy palace far 
Above the moon and every star, 
Thou that sittest on a throne 
To which the night was never known, 
Regard my voice and make me bless'd, 
By kindly granting its request. 
If thoughts on Thee my soul employ, 
My darkness will afford me joy, 
'Till Thou shalt call, and I shall soar, 
And part with darkness evermore.