Victor James Daley

Here you will find the Poem Christmas in Australia of poet Victor James Daley

Christmas in Australia

O DAY, the crown and crest of all the year!
 Thou comest not to us amid the snows,
 But midmost of the reign of the red rose;
Our hearts have not yet lost the ancient cheer
That filled our fathers? simple hearts when sere
 The leaves fell, and the winds of Winter froze
 The waters wan, and carols at the close
Of yester-eve sang the Child Christ anear.
And so we hail thee with a greeting high,
 And drain to thee a draught of our own wine,
Forgetful not beneath this bluer sky
 Of that old mother-land beyond the brine,
Whose gray skies gladden as thou drawest nigh,
 O day of God?s good-will the seal and sign!