Victor James Daley

Here you will find the Poem Questions of poet Victor James Daley


Soul, dost thou shudder at the narrow tomb?
 Heart, dost thou dread to moulder in the dust?
 To meet the fate that all things mortal must,
Strength in its pride, and beauty in its bloom?
What have ye done to merit nobler doom?
 How used one life that ye for more should lust?
 Time in his course doth all things downward thrust:
The unborn generations wait for room!
Blind we were born, blind die: yet we must still
 Take God to task with Whither? Whence? and Why?
What if God, giving us our wish and will,
 Said, ?Judge thyself? to each! Who dares reply?
He knows the end who made the perfect plan?
 Hell were too small if man were judged by man.