Anne Kingsmill Finch

Here you will find the Poem An EPISTLE From A Gentleman To Madam Deshouliers of poet Anne Kingsmill Finch

An EPISTLE From A Gentleman To Madam Deshouliers

URANIA, whom the Town admires, 
 Whose Wit and Beauty share our Praise; 
This fair URANIA who inspires 
 A thousand Joys a thousand ways, 
She, who cou'd with a Glance convey 
 Favours, that had my Hopes outdone, 
Has lent me Money on that Day, 
 Which our Acquaintance first begun. 

Nor with the Happiness I taste, 
 Let any jealous Doubts contend: 
Her Friendship is secure to last, 
 Beginning where all others end. 

And thou, known Cheat! upheld by Law, 
 Thou Disappointer of the craving Mind, 
BASSETTE, who thy Original dost draw 
 From Venice (by uncertain Seas confin'd); 
Author of Murmurs, and of Care, 
 Of pleasing Hopes, concluding in Despair: 
To thee my strange Felicity I owe, 
 From thy Oppression did this Succour flow. 
Less had I gained, had'st thou propitious been, 
 Who better by my Loss hast taught me how to Win. 
Yet tell me, my transported Brain! 
 (whose Pride this Benefit awakes) 
Know'st thou, what on this Chance depends? 
 And are we not exalted thus in vain, 
Whilst we observe the Money which she lends, 
 But not, alas! the Heart she takes, 
The fond Engagements, and the Ties 
 Her fatal Bounty does impose, 
Who makes Reprisals, with her Eyes, 
 For what her gen'rous Hand bestows? 

And tho' I quickly can return 
 Those useful Pieces, which she gave; 
Can I again, or wou'd I have 
 That which her Charms have from me borne? 

Yet let us quit th' obliging Score; 
And whilst we borrow'd Gold restore, 
Whilst readily we own the Debt, 
And Gratitude before her set 
 In its approved and fairest Light; 
Let her effectually be taught 
 By that instructive, harmless Slight, 
That also in her turn she ought 
 (Repaying ev'ry tender Thought) 
Kindness with Kindness to requite.