Augusta Davies Webster

Here you will find the Poem Young Laughters, and My Music! of poet Augusta Davies Webster

Young Laughters, and My Music!

Young laughters, and my music! Aye till now 
The voice can reach no blending minors near; 
'Tis the bird's trill because the spring is here 
And spring means trilling on a blossomy bough; 
'Tis the spring joy that has no why or how, 
But sees the sun and hopes not nor can fear-- 
Spring is so sweet and spring seems all the year. 
Dear voice, the first-come birds but trill as thou. 

Oh music of my heart, be thus for long: 
Too soon the spring bird learns the later song; 
Too soon a sadder sweetness slays content 
Too soon! There comes new light on onward day, 
There comes new perfume o'er a rosier way: 
Comes not again the young spring joy that went.