Christopher Smart

Here you will find the Long Poem Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 2 of poet Christopher Smart

Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 2

LET PETER rejoice with the MOON FISH who keeps up the life in the waters by night. 

Let Andrew rejoice with the Whale, who is array'd in beauteous blue and is a combination of bulk and activity. 

Let James rejoice with the Skuttle-Fish, who foils his foe by the effusion of his ink. 

Let John rejoice with Nautilus who spreads his sail and plies his oar, and the Lord is his pilot. 

Let Philip rejoice with Boca, which is a fish that can speak. 

Let Bartholomew rejoice with the Eel, who is pure in proportion to where he is found and how he is used. 

Let Thomas rejoice with the Sword-Fish, whose aim is perpetual and strength insuperable. 

Let Matthew rejoice with Uranoscopus, whose eyes are lifted up to God. 

Let James the less, rejoice with the Haddock, who brought the piece of money for the Lord and Peter. 

Let Jude bless with the Bream, who is of melancholy from his depth and serenity. 

Let Simon rejoice with the Sprat, who is pure and innumerable. 

Let Matthias rejoice with the Flying-Fish, who has a part with the birds, and is sublimity in his conceit. 

Let Stephen rejoice with Remora -- The Lord remove all obstacles to his glory. 

Let Paul rejoice with the Scale, who is pleasant and faithful!, like God's good ENGLISHMAN. 

Let Agrippa, which is Agricola, rejoice with Elops, who is a choice fish. 

Let Joseph rejoice with the Turbut, whose capture makes the poor fisher-man sing. 

Let Mary rejoice with the Maid -- blessed be the name of the immaculate CONCEPTION. 

Let John, the Baptist, rejoice with the Salmon -- blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for infant Baptism. 

Let Mark rejoice with the Mullet, who is John Dore, God be gracious to him and his family. 

Let Barnabus rejoice with the Herring -- God be gracious to the Lord's fishery. 

Let Cleopas rejoice with the Mackerel, who cometh in a shoal after a leader. 

Let Abiud of the Lord's line rejoice with Murex, who is good and of a precious tincture. 

Let Eliakim rejoice with the Shad, who is contemned in his abundance. 

Let Azor rejoice with the Flounder, who is both of the sea and of the river, 

Let Sadoc rejoice with the Bleak, who playeth upon the surface in the Sun. 

Let Achim rejoice with the Miller's Thumb, who is a delicious morsel for the water fowl. 

Let Eliud rejoice with Cinaedus, who is a fish yellow all over. 

Let Eleazar rejoice with the Grampus, who is a pompous spouter. 

Let Matthan rejoice with the Shark, who is supported by multitudes of small value. 

Let Jacob rejoice with the Gold Fish, who is an eye-trap. 

Let Jairus rejoice with the Silver Fish, who is bright and lively. 

Let Lazarus rejoice with Torpedo, who chills the life of the assailant through his staff. 

Let Mary Magdalen rejoice with the Place, whose goodness and purity are of the Lord's making. 

Let Simon the leper rejoice with the Eel-pout, who is a rarity on account of his subtlety. 

Let Alpheus rejoice with the Whiting, whom God hath bless'd in multitudes, and his days are as the days of PURIM. 

Let Onesimus rejoice with the Cod -- blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus for a miraculous draught of men. 

Let Joses rejoice with the Sturgeon, who saw his maker in the body and obtained grace. 

Let Theophilus rejoice with the Folio, who hath teeth, like the teeth of a saw. 

Let Bartimeus rejoice with the Quaviver -- God be gracious to the eyes of him, who prayeth for the blind. 

Let CHRISTOPHER, who is Simon of Cyrene, rejoice with the Rough -- God be gracious to the CAM and to DAVID CAM and his seed for ever. 

Let Timeus rejoice with the Ling -- God keep the English Sailors clear of French bribery. 

Let Salome rejoice with the Mermaid, who hath the countenance and a portion of human reason. 

Let Zacharias rejoice with the Gudgeon, who improves in his growth till he is mistaken. 

Let Campanus rejoice with the Lobster -- God be gracious to all the CAMPBELLs especially John. 

Let Martha rejoice with the Skallop -- the Lord revive the exercise and excellence of the Needle. 

Let Mary rejoice with the Carp -- the ponds of Fairlawn and the garden bless for the master. 

Let Zebedee rejoice with the Tench -- God accept the good son for his parents also. 

Let Joseph of Arimathea rejoice with the Barbel -- a good coffin and a tomb-stone without grudging! 

Let Elizabeth rejoice with the Crab -- it is good, at times, to go back. 

Let Simeon rejoice with the Oyster, who hath the life without locomotion. 

Let Jona rejoice with the Wilk -- Wilks, Wilkie, and Wilkinson bless the name of the Lord Jesus. 

Let Nicodemus rejoice with the Muscle, for so he hath provided for the poor. 

Let Gamaliel rejoice with the Cockle -- I will rejoice i