Christopher Smart

Here you will find the Long Poem Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 4 of poet Christopher Smart

Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 4

For God has given us a language of monosyllables to prevent our clipping. 

For a toad enjoys a finer prospect than another creature to compensate his lack. 

Tho' toad I am the object of man's hate. 
Yet better am I than a reprobate. who has the worst of prospects. 
For there are stones, whose constituent particles are little toads. 

For the spiritual musick is as follows. 

For there is the thunder-stop, which is the voice of God direct. 

For the rest of the stops are by their rhimes. 

For the trumpet rhimes are sound bound, soar more and the like. 

For the Shawm rhimes are lawn fawn moon boon and the like. 

For the harp rhimes are sing ring string and the like. 

For the cymbal rhimes are bell well toll soul and the like. 

For the flute rhimes are tooth youth suit mute and the like. 

For the dulcimer rhimes are grace place beat heat and the like. 

For the Clarinet rhimes are clean seen and the like. 

For the Bassoon rhimes are pass, class and the like. God be gracious to Baumgarden. 

For the dulcimer are rather van fan and the like and grace place &c are of the bassoon. 

For beat heat, weep peep &c are of the pipe. 

For every word has its marrow in the English tongue for order and for delight. 

For the dissyllables such as able table &c are the fiddle rhimes. 

For all dissyllables and some trissyllables are fiddle rhimes. 

For the relations of words are in pairs first. 

For the relations of words are sometimes in oppositions. 

For the relations of words are according to their distances from the pair. 

For there be twelve cardinal virtues the gifts of the twelve sons of Jacob. 

For Reuben is Great. God be gracious to Lord Falmouth. 

For Simeon is Valiant. God be gracious to the Duke of Somerset. 

For Levi is Pious. God be gracious to the Bishop of London. 

For Judah is Good. God be gracious to Lord Granville. 

For Dan is Clean -- neat, dextrous, apt, active, compact. God be gracious to Draper. 

For Naphtali is sublime -- God be gracious to Chesterfield. 

For Gad is Contemplative -- God be gracious to Lord Northampton. 

For Ashur is Happy -- God be gracious to George Bowes. 

For Issachar is strong -- God be gracious to the Duke of Dorsett. 

For Zabulon is Constant -- God be gracious to Lord Bath. 

For Joseph is Pleasant -- God be gracious to Lord Bolingbroke. 

For Benjamin is Wise -- God be gracious to Honeywood. 

For all Foundation is from God depending. 

For the two Universities are the Eyes of England. 

For Cambridge is the right and the brightest. 

For Pembroke Hall was founded more in the Lord than any College in Cambridge. 

For mustard is the proper food of birds and men are bound to cultivate it for their use. 

For they that study the works of God are peculiarly assisted by his Spirit. 

For all the creatures mentiond by Pliny are somewhere or other extant to the glory of God. 

For Rye is food rather for fowls than men. 

For Rye-bread is not taken with thankfulness. 

For the lack of Rye may be supplied by Spelt. 

For languages work into one another by their bearings. 

For the power of some animal is predominant in every language. 

For the power and spirit of a CAT is in the Greek. 

For the sound of a cat is in the most useful preposition êáô' åõ÷çí . 

For the pleasantry of a cat at pranks is in the language ten thousand times over. 

For JACK UPON PRANCK is in the performance of gåñé together or seperate. 

For Clapperclaw is in the grappling of the words upon one another in all the modes of versification. 

For the sleekness of a Cat is in his áãëáéçöé . 

For the Greek is thrown from heaven and falls upon its feet. 

For the Greek when distracted from the line is sooner restored to rank and rallied into some form than any other. 

For the purring of a Cat is his ôñõæåé . 

For his cry is in ïõáé , which I am sorry for. 

For the Mouse (Mus) prevails in the Latin. 

For Edi-mus, bibi-mus, vivi-mus -- ore-mus. 

For the Mouse is a creature of great personal valour. 

For -- this is a true case -- Cat takes female mouse from the company of male -- male mouse will not depart, but stands threatning and daring. 

For this is as much as to challenge, if you will let her go, I will engage you, as prodigious a creature as you are. 

For the Mouse is of an hospitable disposition. 

For bravery and hospitality were said and done by the Romans rather than others. 

For two creatures the Bull and the Dog prevail in the English. 

For all the words ending in ble are in the creature. Invisi-ble, Incomprehensi-ble, ineffa-ble, A-ble. 

For the Greek and Latin are not dead la