Dowell O'Reilly

Here you will find the Poem The Sea-Maiden of poet Dowell O'Reilly

The Sea-Maiden

Like summer waves on sands of snow, 
Soft ringlets clasp her neck and brow, 
And wandering breezes kiss away 
A threaded light of glimmering spray, 
That drifts and floats and softly flies 
In a golden mist about her eyes. 
Her laugh is fresh as foam that springs 
Through tumbling shells and shining things, 
And where the gleaming margin dries 
Is heard the music of her sighs. 
Her gentle bosom ebbs and swells 
With the tide of life that deeply wells 
From a throbbing heart that loves to break 
In the tempest of love for love's sweet sake. 
O, the fragrance of earth, and the song of the sea, 
And the light of the heavens, are only three 
Of the thousand glories that Love can trace, 
In her life, and her soul, and her beautiful face. 

This tangled weed of poesy, 
Torn from the heart of a stormy sea, 
I fling upon the love divine 
Of her, who fills this heart of mine.