Edward Herbert of Cherbury

Here you will find the Poem Tears, flow no more of poet Edward Herbert of Cherbury

Tears, flow no more

TEARS, flow no more, or if you needs must flow,
 Fall yet more slow,
 Do not the world invade,
From smaller springs than yours rivers have grown,
 And they again a Sea have made,
Brackish like you, and which like you hath flown.

Ebb to my heart, and on the burning fires
 Of my desires,
 O let your torrents fall,
From smaller heate than theirs such sparks arise
 As into flame converting all,
This world might be but my love's sacrifice.

Yet if the tempests of my sighs so blow
 You both must flow,
 And my desires still burn,
Since that in vain all help my love requires,
 Why may not yet their rages turn
To dry those tears, and to blow out those fires ?