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O I know they make war because they want peace; they hate so that they may live; and they destroy the present to make the world safe for the future. When have they not done and said they did it for that?

(Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986), Canadian author, poet. Necessary Secrets, entry for Feb. 18, 1941, ed. Alice Van Wart (1991).)
I am over-run, jungled in my bed, I am infested with a menagerie of desires: my heart is eaten by a dove, a cat scrambles in the cave of my sex, hounds in my bed obey a whipmaster who cries nothing but havoc as the hours test my endurance with an accumulation of tortures. Who, if I cried, would hear me among the angelic orders?

(Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986), Canadian author, poet. By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept, pt. 1 (1945).)
Vanity is a vital aid to nature: completely and absolutely necessary to life. It is one of nature's ways to bind you to the earth.

(Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986), Canadian author, poet. Necessary Secrets, pt. 1, ch. 2, journal entry for June 25, 1933, ed. Alice Van Wart (1991).)