Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Here you will find the Poem By-And-Bye of poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox


`By-and-bye, ? the maiden sighed ? `by-and-bye
He will claim me for his bride, 
Hope is strong and time is fleet; 
Youth is fair, and love is sweet, 
Clouds will pass that fleck my sky, 
He will come back by-and-bye.?

`By-and-bye, ? the soldier said ? `by-and-bye, 
After I have fought and bled, 
I shall go home from the wars, 
Crowned with glory, seamed with scars, 
Joy will flash from some one?s eye
When she greets me by-and-bye- by-and-bye.?

`By-and-bye, ? the mother cried ? `by-and-bye, 
Strong and sturdy at my side, 
Like a staff supporting me, 
Will my bonnie baby be.
Break my rest, then, wail and cry ?
Thou?lt repay me by-and-bye - by-and-bye.?

Fleeting years of time have sped ? hurried by ?
Still the maiden is unwed: 
All unknown soldier lies, 
Buried under alien skies; 
And the son, with blood-shot eye, 
Saw his mother starve and die.
God in heaven! dost Thou on high
Keep the promised `by-and-bye? - by-and-bye?