George Santayana

Here you will find the Poem Slow and Reluctant Was the Long Descent of poet George Santayana

Slow and Reluctant Was the Long Descent

Slow and reluctant was the long descent, 
With many farewell pious looks behind, 
And dumb misgivings where the path might wind, 
And questionings of nature, as I went. 
The greener branches that above me bent, 
The broadening valleys, quieted by mind, 
To the fair reasons of the Spring inclined 
And to the Summer's tender argument. 
But sometimes, as revolving night descended, 
And in my childish heart the new song ended, 
I lay down, full of longing, on the steep; 
And, haunting still the lonely way I wended, 
Into my dreams the ancient sorrow blended, 
And with these holy echoes charmed my sleep.