Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Here you will find the Poem The Holy of Holies of poet Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Holy of Holies

`Elder father, though thine eyes 
Shine with hoary mysteries, 
Canst thou tell what in the heart 
Of a cowslip blossom lies? 
`Smaller than all lives that be, 
Secret as the deepest sea, 
Stands a little house of seeds, 
Like an elfin?s granary. 
`Speller of the stones and weeds, 
Skilled in Nature?s crafts and creeds, 
Tell me what is in the heart 
Of the smallest of the seeds.? 
`God Almighty, and with Him 
Cherubim and Seraphim, 
Filling all eternity? 
Adonai Elohim.?