James Lister Cuthbertson

Here you will find the Poem Australia Federata of poet James Lister Cuthbertson

Australia Federata

Australia! land of lonely lake 
   And serpent-haunted fen; 
Land of the torrent and the fire 
   And forest-sundered men: 
Thou art not now as thou shalt be 
   When the stern invaders come, 
In the hush before the hurricane, 
   The dread before the drum. 

A louder thunder shall be heard 
   Than echoes on thy shore, 
When o'er the blackened basalt cliffs 
   The foreign cannon roar -- 
When the stand is made in the sheoaks' shade 
   When heroes fall for thee, 
And the creeks in gloomy gullies run 
   Dark crimson to the sea: 

When under honeysuckles gray, 
   And wattles' swaying gold, 
The stalwart arm may strike no more, 
   The valiant heart is cold -- 
When thou shalt know the agony, 
   The fever, and the strife 
Of those who wrestle against odds 
   For liberty and life: 

Then is the great Dominion born, 
   The seven sisters bound, 
From Sydney's greenly wooded port 
   To lone King George's Sound -- 
Then shall the islands of the south, 
   The lands of bloom and snow, 
Forth from their isolation come 
   To meet the common foe. 

Then, only then -- when after war 
   Is peace with honour born, 
When from the bosom of the night 
   Comes golden-sandalled morn, 
When laurelled victory is thine, 
   And the day of battle done, 
Shall the heart of a mighty people stir, 
   And Australia be as one.