Khalil Gibran

Here you will find the Poem Song of the Wave XVII of poet Khalil Gibran

Song of the Wave XVII

The strong shore is my beloved 
And I am his sweetheart. 
We are at last united by love, and 
Then the moon draws me from him. 
I go to him in haste and depart 
Reluctantly, with many 
Little farewells. 

I steal swiftly from behind the 
Blue horizon to cast the silver of 
My foam upon the gold of his sand, and 
We blend in melted brilliance. 

I quench his thirst and submerge his 
Heart; he softens my voice and subdues 
My temper. 
At dawn I recite the rules of love upon 
His ears, and he embraces me longingly. 

At eventide I sing to him the song of 
Hope, and then print smooth hisses upon 
His face; I am swift and fearful, but he 
Is quiet, patient, and thoughtful. His 
Broad bosom soothes my restlessness. 

As the tide comes we caress each other, 
When it withdraws, I drop to his feet in 

Many times have I danced around mermaids 
As they rose from the depths and rested 
Upon my crest to watch the stars; 
Many times have I heard lovers complain 
Of their smallness, and I helped them to sigh. 

Many times have I teased the great rocks 
And fondled them with a smile, but never 
Have I received laughter from them; 
Many times have I lifted drowning souls 
And carried them tenderly to my beloved 
Shore. He gives them strength as he 
Takes mine. 

Many times have I stolen gems from the 
Depths and presented them to my beloved 
Shore. He takes them in silence, but still 
I give fro he welcomes me ever. 

In the heaviness of night, when all 
Creatures seek the ghost of Slumber, I 
Sit up, singing at one time and sighing 
At another. I am awake always. 

Alas! Sleeplessness has weakened me! 
But I am a lover, and the truth of love 
Is strong. 
I may be weary, but I shall never die.