Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Here you will find the Poem On Seeing a Portrait of Sir Robert Walpole of poet Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

On Seeing a Portrait of Sir Robert Walpole

Such were the lively eyes and rosy hue 
Of Robin's face, when Robin first I knew; 
The gay companion and the fav'rite guest; 
Lov'd without awe, and without views caress'd; 
His cheerful smile, and open honest look, 
Added new graces to the truth he spoke. 
Then ev'ry man found something to commend, 
The pleasant neighbour and the worthy friend; 
The gen'rous master of a private house, 
The tender father and indulgent spouse. 
The hardest censors at the worst believ'd, 
His temper was too easily deceiv'd 
(A consequential ill good-nature draws, 
A bad effect, but from a noble cause). 
Whence, then, these clamours of a judging crowd? 
Suspicious, griping, insolent, and proud -- 
Rapacious, cruel, violent, unjust; 
False to his friend, and traitor to his trust?